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Who Are We?

We were founded in 2007 to help local business improve their online presence and have since expanded to an all round one stop software company.

Our Strengths

Business Strategy
All businesses need one or all of three areas to boost profits. 1. To attract new customers. 2. Increase size of purchase. 3. Increase the frequency of purchase. We help our clients in all aspects where needed.
Software Development
With the prevalent use of mobile devices such as smart phones, tables and light weight laptops, there have been high demand in mobile software development. We incorporate this into the business strategies with out clients.
Web Development
It is a sin to be in business in today’s day and age without any web strategies. With the prominent progression towards cloud computing, it is important to incorporate that into the business strategies.

Team Member

Meet The Executive Team

Paul Collins Director

Paul is the technical and digital lead for SketchThems. He has 12 years of direct experience creating digital technology.

Andrea Arkov Director

Andrea is a visionary driven to making change happen. She brings 10 years experience in user-centred design, leading innovative projects.

Lionel Cardona Chief Programmer

Lionel is a code junkie and social innovator currently working across Europe. His work focuses on socially responsive design.

Julia Rodriguez Chief Designer

Julia Rodriguez is a service designer and social innovator currently working across Europe. Her work focuses on innovation.

Jared Halloy Technology Adviser

Jared currently works as a service designer at SketchThemes. He is part of a team that design customer experiences.

Kara Kulis Designer

Kara enjoys the finer details of a project, considering every stage of its journey from planning to completion with perfection.